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update 07/06/2017

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Use House Items daily wish appears for a beginner to show how he/she can do some actions using objects in the house.

Daily WishUse House Items
DescriptionTap on something at home and perform an action
Reward35 XP

How to use a object

1. Tap a object

Tap any object that let you perform an action, like a tolet, a refrigerator, and a bed. When you tap an object, a list of actions shows up, and you'll be asked to pick one of them to do. The daily wish requires no certain object or action, then you can just do what you want to.

Note: If an action meets the requirement for achieving a daily wish, it is highlighted in blue. Since the

2. Perform an action

Once you choose an action to do, you'll just need to wait while the action is in progress. How long an action take depends on which action you do. For example, Play mobile games on toilet just takes 6 second, while Sleep on the bed takes around 1 hour.

After the action is done, the daily wish is completed. Just tap a check icon and recieve reward.


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