Limited Time Event: The Just My Luck Quest

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update 15/03/2019

Event Overview


The Just My Luck Items

How to Complete The Just My Luck Quest

Initiation (7 Days Durations)

You have 7 Days to complete the first quest. After you complete the first request, you will earn 5 Sims Cash and unlock the following 23 quests (4 Days duration) of the event.

23 Quest ( 4 Days Durations)

Quest 1Research the leprechauns at a dining table at home.
Quest 2Check news for updates at a sofa or loveseat at home.
Quest 3Change your appearance.
Quest 4Complete an event.
Quest 5Inspect 3 Plants arround town.
Quest 6Earn 400 Simoleons.
Quest 7Complete the "Search for Leprechauns" event.
Quest 8Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 9Ask 1 Sim about rainbows.
Quest 10Complete the "Search for Leprechauns" event.
Quest 11Earn 800 Simoleons.
Quest 12Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 13Ask 3 Sim about rainbows.
Quest 14Complete the "Search for Leprechauns" event.
Quest 15Try creating a rainbow in a shower.
Quest 16Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 17Earn 1000 Simoleons.
Quest 18Complete any 3 Long Events.
Quest 19Complete the "Search for Leprechauns" event.
Quest 20Complete any 5 Standard Events.
Quest 21Dream of rainbows at the bed.
Quest 22Search under bed.
Quest 23Complete 2 set of LlamaZoom tasks.


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