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Traits in The Sims Mobile are distinguishing qualities of a certain Sim. It is like the identifier that make it unique in the Sims world. Aside from that factor, traits also provide bonuses. It can be in the form of free cupcake, Simcash and Simoleon or additional XP and pink stars during events.

Good Upbringing Trait

The Good Upbring Trait is one of the additional trait that was added in the latest installation of the game. The Sims that have this trait are better at all events. This will give your Sim a huge advantage in getting more bonuses during events.
Unlike with the other traits, this can only be unlocked by interacting with your children. This trait will improve depends on how many events you will have with your kids.

How to Unlock this Trait?

1. Adopt or Have a baby

Aside from having a Level 3 Relationship with another Sim and Player Level 11, you need to have a Bassinet and sufficient number of tickets. Tap on the Bassinet and select action to execute. You can choose the gender of the baby if you select the adoption. Having a baby with your partner Sim will give you a random gender of a child. Check our guide about having a baby in The Sims Mobile.

2. Participate in Family Event

Once you have your baby in the bassinet and done naming your baby, tap him/her and select actions. You can either feed the baby or check it multiple times. The "Bundle of Joy" family event should be on top of the list of actions.

Once you see it, Tap on it and start the "Bundle of Joy" event. This will last for 30 minutes. You can also help your parent Sim to perform actions to lessen the time.

3. Complete the event

This is similar to other events in the game. Just keep on performing at the event and try your best to fill the progress bar in no time. Once you're done, Tap on the pink check mark to complete the event. You'll unlock the "Good Upbringing" Trait and get some XP and tickets as a reward.

As you can see here, your child now has 5 traits. The fifth one is the Good Upbring Trait. This trait will make your child stand out in every event once you've decided to make him/her playable. Keep on doing a family event with your kid to level up this trait before his/her debut to the Sims World.

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Hello I have finished the good upbringing trait but for some reason I can't age him up to a toddler or even interact with my son what do I do??
I had my baby yesterday and it’s name is Zara but I only did the event with it two times and it has been 24 hours and no birthday icon
I had my baby yesterday and it’s name is Zara but I only did the event with it two times and it has been 24 hours and no birthday icon
I had a baby today and all i can do is feed it and check on it. Why no events?
To me is happening the same thing that to SARAH, I have a baby girl and here mom is already "old" in the mining that I can't play with here and after 2 minutes it is going to be 3 days that she is borned! What to do?
After how many days the babys grow up?
<< Anonymous(Lucy)
Oofus Reply
It takes about two days
How can I unlock something say home items at home ??? Replie asap plz.

Thx Sydney

So i already have this baby girl. And right after that, the mother retired which means I couldn't control the parents anymore. So for some reasons the 'bundle of joy' event aren't coming out. I still keep the roomate to interact with the baby but still there's only two option shown. Is it because they are not the parents? Do the baby need only parents to trigger the event and birthday? Pls answer me its been two days and she still a baby.
I have been doing this for days doing events and my baby will not grow up
So I have already done this and iv had two boys, will I keep having boys or will I have a girl next?
<< Anonymous(Audrey)
Mary. Reply
Then try to apopt,adopting gives you the choice to pick your gender
the bundle of joy event isn’t showing up!! I got the baby three hours ago. and how do you give them the good upbringing trait?
Hi I've completed the good upbringing trait but can only feed and check on baby no diaper change available, no events and social isn't going up for some reason.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah me too.anyone please answer why i can not do any other events

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