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update 08/06/2017

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If your Sim is in Medical career, you might encounter this "Go on pleasant jog" wish. This is difficult and time consuming to accomplish, especially if you just started in the Medical career. Use this guide to complete this request.

Daily WishGo on pleasant jog
DescriptionTap on the treadmill to perform this action.
Reward35 XP

How to Complete

1. Check the requirements

For this wish, you'll need a Treadmill and All-Star Poster. You can unlock the Treadmill once you've reached Medical Career Level 4. It will cost you 55 Simoleons. The All-Star Poster will cost you 30 Simoleons and it can be unlocked once you've reached Medical Career Level 7. You can buy these objects in the Medical Career reward catalogue. 2 Energy points and 1 Hygiene point are needed for this action.

2. Execute the Action

Once you bought and placed those necessary objects in your house, tap on the treadmill and select "Go on pleasant jog" on the list.

3. Receive your reward

Wait until your Sim is done with the action or you can use SimCash to speed up the timers. You will get 6 XP from using the treadmill and 35 XP from completing your Sim's wish.


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