How to be a Great Doctor

update 19/06/2017

Diagnosing a rare illness is not easy in our tangible world, but in The Sims Mobile its different. You just require to be at least Medical Career Level 4 with enough motives in order to recognize such sickness.

Life GoalGreat Doctor
Description"Diagnose a Rare Disease" in the Medical Career
RewardsGold Sack, Career Token, Simoleon, SimCash

1. Tap on the Exam Table to start.

The Exam Table is your career object if you choose Medical Career. Go to the Hospital located in Market Square and tap on it to show the list of interactions and career events. Select "Diagnose a Rare Disease" interaction. This will cost you 2 Energy points and 1 Fun point.

2. Select your patient.

Once you have selected that said interaction, a list of patients will show up. You can select anyone on the list and invite them. Tap "Okay" to continue.

3. Examine the patient and claim your reward.

Your Sims and your patient will automatically proceed to do the action on the exam table. You don't need to do anything. You just need to wait patiently. This interaction will last only for 10 seconds. Tap on the gold check mark to complete it and to collect your rewards from achieving your Sims' life goal.


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