Limited Time Event: Sweet Treat Showdown 10 - Dessert for two

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update 08/02/2020

Event Overview

This Event "Sweet Treat Showdown 10 - Dessert for two" starts on the 3 Feb 2020 and is available for 15 days.

Sweet Treat Challenge

Your Sims will have a match with an opponent professional chef to bake over several rounds by creating pastries and desserts. Each round if your sims win, those rewards will be added to the Prize Basket. Your Sims can choose to forfeit (collect the content they have in their Prize Basket and leave) or they can decide to continue to the next round.

Rewards [Credits to GamesChanger]

Royal Treat Box Rewards

Sweet Treat Box Rewards

Grand Prizes

Limited Time Pack

How to Complete Sweet Treat Dessert for two Quest

Quest 1Play 1 Sweet Treat Challenge.
Quest 2Play 3 Sweet Treat Challenges.
Quest 3Collect 500 Sweet Treat Tokens.
Quest 4Play 5 Sweet Treat Challenges.
Quest 5Collect 700 Sweet Treat Tokens.
Quest 6Play 7 Sweet Treat Challenges.
Quest 7Collect 5 Royal Treat Tokens.
Quest 8Play 10 Sweet Treat Challenges.


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I know how to woohoo now :)
I had a special limited time quest appear on level 33 that gave me a hot tub and topiary lama as ...
I have tried this. I tried purchasing it 3 times. It still won’t work.
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