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update 09/05/2018

What are Stickers?

As we all know, the stickers are tiny adhesive labels or decorations we normally put anywhere to make it cute and fancy. Sometime, we are using them to identify stuff. It comes in various shapes and designs.

In The Sims Mobile, giving out a sticker is one way to show compliments. Since Sims doesn't talk in a language we can understand, we use stickers to tell another Sims what we are thinking about their clothing and style. Collecting stickers are similar to collecting likes and comment on Facebook or hearts in Instagram. This small feature of the game make us feel special and somehow lighten our mood.

You can only give one sticker per day to a Sims with blue plumbob. They are Sims created by other players. Don't worry, they will not identify who is the giver and they will receive it on the following day.

Each day, one of your tasks in your Daily To Do List is to give 3 stickers in exchange for 2 Fashion Gems. Aside from that, your Sims are automatically part of the Weekly Sticker Contest where in you can get more Fashion Gems depend on the number of your stickers.

How to Use Stickers

1. Tap any Sims with blue plumbob on its head.

Sims with a blue plumbob is personally created by other The Sims Mobile players, but they are still NPC. They will be roaming around, eat in the restaurant or do some crazy moves in the bar. You can build a relationship with them if you want. These Sims can give and receive stickers in the game.
Tap on the icon encircled below the screen. This is where you can give and see sticker you gave to a particular Sims.

2. Select Stickers!

Select any sticker you want to give. You have a total of 15 stickers you can give each day. This will replenish on the following day.

Weekly Sticker Contest

The design of the stickers sometimes changes every week or if there is a special event going on. Stickers you gave will be posted to the other player's account the next day.

Every end of the week, all of the stickers your Sims received will be tallied and converted to Fashion Gems. You can use the Fashion Gems in buying fabulous clothes and accessories from Izzy's Fashion Shop.

To check the stickers you've received, just go to your Sims' info panel and tap the third tab from the left which is the sticker hub.


To give and to receive a lot of stickers, you must attend any party. Party is an online feature of the game wherein all of the participants are players around the globe. You have numbers of Sims you can give stickers. There is a huge chance of receiving a lot too. So strut your stuff and make a statement!


If I let my sim go home will she still be seen at the party and receive stickers?
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