How to Unlock the Surgeon Career?

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update 12/07/2018

New Career!

Just yesterday, July 11th, The Sims Mobile Team announced an upcoming new career via Twitter.

This new Surgeon Career will placed in the Market Square Hospital side by side with Medical Career. They didn't mention any specific date when this new update will be available, but some players were able to get a hold on this new career for some reason.

How to Unlock it Early

The Surgeon Career still not available to every player. I'm one of the lucky players who got this early unlock. Normally, to unlock a new career or hobby in the game, you need to get their respective heirloom first.

Object Unlock

Unfortunately, I don't have the heirloom for this one, but I have the object required to start the story. I have this Surgery Table for some months now. This was part of the decorations or Medical Career objects. I was able to get this item before they remove it in the catalog.

If you have this item in your storage, you can place it in the Market Square Hospital and start the Surgeon Career Story called "The Mysterious Benefactor". This will early unlock the career.

Heirloom Unlock

You can also try your luck to get the Heirloom called "Medical Injector" in the store by purchasing a Luxe Heirloom Chest for 25 Luxe Heirloom Tickets. We don't recommend this one as this might cost you a lot. Just be patient since the team will release this new career anytime soon!

Update on Unlocking the Career

Just today, July 13th, The Sims Mobile Team officially released the update on this new career. For you to unlock this career, you have to spend real money on this. It seems EA is after your hard-earned cash. The cost of the whole Surgeon Career Pack is $6.99. This includes:

  • Medical Injector heirloom
  • Surgical Super Scrubs Top & Pants for Men and Women
  • Surgical Super Scrubs Cap for Men and Women
  • 2,620 Simoleons
  • 70 Home Tickets
  • 2 Super Home Tickets

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