Note: This page is based on the first version of The Sims Mobile. This is no longer part of the latest version. Check out the changes here.

What is the Potion Shop?

The Potion Shop is located in the Parkside, just beside the Coffee Shop.This shop is dedicated in selling potions that can be used as boosters to your Sims. The only currencies that you can use in purchasing these potions are Tokens and SimCash. Each potion may cost you a fortune but its effect to your Sims is permanent.

List of Potions

Hygiene Booster Potion

This potion will increase your fun motive by 5 points. You'll need 80 Hobby Tokens to purchase a bottle or 25 SimCash. Fun points are used in holding Hobby Events and interactions. You will also use Fun points in Special Events.

Hunger Booster Potion

A bottle of this potion will cost you 60 Relationship Tokens or 25 SimCash. This potion will boost your Energy motive by 5 points. The majority of interactions and events will require to use a certain number of Energy points. This is important next to the Potion of Youth since refilling your Energy motive bar will take more time compare to the other motives.

Fun Booster Potion

For you to perform Hobby Events and interactions, Fun points are needed. If you want to increase your Fun motive bar up to 5 points, just grab a bottle of this potion; however, this will cost you 80 Career Tokens or 25 SimCash.

Potion of Youth

This can only be unlocked once you've reached Player Level 20. This potion will make your Sim 1 day younger. This potion will cost you 25 Simcash or 25 Popularity Tokens, 35 Performance Tokens and 35 Art Tokens. It would be easy to buy it using Simcash rather than tokens because it is hard to earn tokens.

How to Purchase

The Potion Shop

You can purchase Booster Potions in the Potion Shop by going to the Parkside. The only currency accepted by the Potion Shop is Tokens.

2. Accessing the Inventory

By accessing the "Boost" section of your inventory, you can purchase directly a potion using SimCash. Tap on the bottle icon of your desired potion. Make sure you don't have it yet in your inventory. Tap "Use" in the pop up window. This will direct you to buy it by Simcash instead of Tokens.

The Sims Mobile In-App Store

Aside from Simoleons and SimCash, the store offers tons of in-game items that you can buy using your real money. Under the "Boost Section" You can buy bundled items such as heirlooms and household objects, Cupcakes to refill your motives and potion. The only potion that you can purchase is the Potion of Youth and it is by the bundle.


WHY would they delete it and change it to Izzy's shop? :((( I want that youth potion
<< Anonymous(Demyx)
Domi Reply
Nah, I thin it would be annoying if you didn’t have control over your sims’ age, especially if you still want them around and you’re not ready to retire them, imagine not having enough money to buy this potion and your sims die, I would hate it

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I deleted it I’m going to find a game that works
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