How to Reach the Perfect State of Enlightenment

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update 20/07/2017

Reaching the Perfect state of enlightenment will require a lot of time and intensive practice of Yoga in our real world. In The Sims Mobile, this can be achieved in just 10 seconds as long as you have all the necessities. Let us guide you through on how you can be an enlightened being.

Life GoalZen-a-phobia
Description"Reach perfect state of enlightenment" in the Yoga Hobby
RewardsGold Sack, Hobby Token, Fitness Token, Simoleons

1. Check the requirements

This life goal is a form of interaction that you need to unlock first. You must be Yoga Hobby Level 7 in order for you to unlock it. If not, just do some Yoga Hobby Events to gain hobby points.
To start, tap on your Yoga mat and select the "Reach a Perfect State of Enlightenment". Make sure you have 4 Energy points and 1 Hygiene point to begin the action.

2. Start Stretching and Posing!

Once you've selected that particular interaction, your Sims will automatically perform it. She/He will do some Yoga poses for the next 10 seconds. Just wait and probably watch her/him do the poses to learn how fun Yoga as a hobby.

3. Claim your rewards.

A gold check mark will appear indicating you've completed the life goal and the interaction. Tap on it and tap "Collect" to claim your rewards from this life goal.

You will also receive a separate reward from completing the interaction.The next window will provide you with another life goal to complete. Select the most attainable one to fill the lifetime happiness bar quickly.


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