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update 07/06/2017

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Note: This page is based on the first version of The Sims Mobile. This is no longer relevant to the latest version. Check out the changes here.

You will get the "Get my Chef on" wish if your Sim is in Culinary career. The main objective of this wish is simple and easy to fulfill. Achieving this wish will also helps you level up in your Culinary career and earn some Simoleons. Use this page as a guide to complete this wish.

Daily WishGet my Chef on
DescriptionComplete a 1 star Culinary career event
Reward35 XP

How to Complete

1. Go to the restaurant

Head to the restaurant located in the Market Square. Touch the encircled Pink star icon to select any available Culinary career event. Make sure you have enough Fun and Energy points before you start.

1. Choose a Culinary Career event

You can select any career event that is available at your work station. You might receive a mystery reward aside from Simoleons in some events, particularly Intermediate and Advance career events. Starting a career event will cost you 5 Fun points normally.

3. Tap the pink star icons

Once you've started the event, pink star icons will appear within your workstation. Five minutes is the allotted time to complete this event. Tapping a star icon will give you a list of actions. Each action will consume at least 1 Energy Point and will fill a portion of those empty star containers.

4. Fill at least 1 Pink star container to complete

Tapping the Pink star icon located on the top of the kitchen stove and do some tasks like "Make finger food" or "Prepare mixed greens" will produce XP, Career point and food for the customers. Actions like serving the food, cleaning the table and explaining the menu will give you a portion of the Pink star container. One filled Pink star container is enough to complete this wish. You can also use SimCash to speed up timers, but that is not recommended.

5. Complete the career event

Once you're done with the career event, you'll receive XP and career points. If you selected the Intermediate and Advance event, you'll get a mystery reward. Make sure to fill all Pink star containers for a better reward. For fulfilling your Sim's daily wish, you'll get 35 XP.


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