Limited Time Event: Welcoming Winterfest Quest

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update 13/12/2018

Event Overview



Holiday Decorations

♦ Collection List:

  • Freezer Bunny Bells
  • Landgraab Strands
  • Landgraab String Lights
  • Simoleons

How to Complete Welcoming Winterfest Event Quest

Quest 1 Earn 25 Simoleons.
Quest 2Ask 5 Sims about getting into Winterfest Spirit.
Quest 3Tap on a TV and Watch "A Winter Prince".
Quest 4Tap on a mirror or vanity and Pratice "Winterfest Caroling".
Quest 5Complete 3 Event.
Quest 6Tap on a table to "Plan out Winterfest home decorations".
Quest 7Earn 650 Simoleons
Quest 8Complete the "Cafe Caroling" Event
Quest 9Earn 3 Star at a party.
Quest 10Complete the "Winterfest Fashion" Event.
Quest 11Give stickers to 4 Sims.
Quest 12Complete a set of LlamaZoom Task.
Quest 13Give 5 SIms homemade pie.
Quest 14Complete the "Cafe Caroling" Event.
Quest 15Plan to one-up the neighbours' decorations
Quest 16Complete a set of LlamaZoom Task.
Quest 17Share love of Winterfest log channnel with 3 Sims.
Quest 18Complete the "Winterfest Fashion" Event.
Quest 19Winterfest Dance with 3 Sims.
Quest 20Complete a set of LlamaZoom Task.
Quest 21Give Winterfest spirit hug to 5 Sims.
Quest 22Complete the "Cafe Caroling" Event.
Quest 23Chug eggnog at the fridge.
Quest 24Complete a set of LlamaZoom Task.
Quest 25Earn 650 Simoleons.
Quest 26Complete the "Winterfest Fashion" Event.
Quest 27Give 3 Sims a Winterfest present.
Quest 28Complete a set of LlamaZoom Task.

Welcoming Winterfest Bonus Reward


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