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update 02/05/2018


As everyone know, The Sims Mobile is an online social game where in we can interact with other players. We all want to enjoy and have fun in the game and of course be fair with everyone.

Since this is similar to a huge gaming community, EA set rules for everyone to follow. They assumed everyone should abide with their terms and conditions but they can't control every single player worldwide.
In order to maintain peace and order in the game, EA set a feature where in we can report atrocious players and their awful behavior.

What are Considered Offensive?

Try to put yourself in someone else's shoes. If you think you got offended with someone's action, that might be considered as offensive. You can be reported because of that or the other way around. Reporting can lead to ban and suspension of the player.

List of Possible Ground to Report or Be Reported

  • offensive Sim Name
  • inappropriate Player Name
  • distasteful profile picture
  • objectionable house layout
  • abusive chat
  • disturbing content
  • harrasment
  • annoying advertising
  • real-life threats
  • cheating

How can I report a Player?

There are couple ways how you can submit a report for a particular action or player in the game. Don't you worry because every report from the player will be review and anonymous.

While at the Party

Since party goers are majority Sims players, you can instantly report a player or an action if you think its necessary. On the "Party" tab, select the party and tap the yellow flag encircled in the image above.

This option will show up upon tapping the flag. Select from the list which one you wanted to report. It can be an absurb Sim name or profanity in the chat. EA will immediately look into it and make the report anonymous.

From your Game Friends List

If the person you want to report is in your friend list and can't see their Sims in the game, tap the "Arrow Pull-Out Tab Menu" located at the right. Select "Game Friends" tab and choose "View Profile".

Upon viewing your friend's profile, you can remove, block or report him/her to EA. Please don't abuse this option as EA might come after you instead of your friend. If you two have misunderstanding, better talk to him/her and make amends instead.

Anywhere in the Map

If you encounter offensive Sim like someone with offensive Sim Name in any location in the map, Just tap the Sim and view the profile by tapping the icon encircled in the image above.

Select "Report" if you feel offended. Blocking the player after reporting can be also helpful for you not to encounter him/her anymore.


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