Quests in The Sims Mobile

I am told to do a quest and the only way to start it is to tap on a partner sim or family and that what I did , but the quest ain’t showing up?
And it is the baby quest and I only have 4 hours to finish it and I’m really close on completing it, if I don’t finish it will I never get a baby in the sims?
This also happened to me. Did you figure out the problem? I have restarted the game multiple times, left it, and even restarted my phone.
If there are other quests for options you’d have to do those first
You go to the bottom and press options and press flirty and then you will see them.
Coconut you are able to find the baby quest again by clicking on the baby changing table, then it will give the option to conceive plans for a baby, and then you may try the quest again!
chicken man
Just select your other sim, then tap the other. Ex: If you are selected on the wife and tapping the husband, select the husband and tap the wife


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No, they're talking about a game.
Also there is a girl on YouTube that shows you step-by-step what you have to do to unlock your th...
I deleted it I’m going to find a game that works
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