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I'm in level 15. Can I move stuff? Can I delete some windows? Can I buy a house?
You can but you can't buy a new house. You can only own 1 house.
You can move stuff and delete things but you cannot buy another house like in sims 4.
You can move stuff by holding down on the objects you want to move, either on build mode or not.

Also! Did you know that you can make walls different colors in the same room?! And the exterior walls?! Just choose the “Wall” option rather than the default “Room” option while choosing wall styles, it’s in the upper right hand corner when you’re changing the walls.
<< SimmermaN
Actually the right answer is, you can build another house but in the same and the only lot/land you have right now. If you watch a youtuber video, she build 3 house (separately), a very nice design I will say.
<< Anonymous(Ært3mīS)
who's the youtuber

And also is your name meant to look like "Artemis"?
<< Anonymous
None of your beeswax. At least I have a name. Your just Anoymous
Du KAN.Jeg er kun i level 11, og jeg har to huse. Et med en etage og et andet med to.
<< Anonymous(Ært3mīS)
There’s no need to be rude. They were asking a simple question, they didn’t mean it in a bad way. And when they asked who the YouTuber was, they had a point. Why would you tell us there’s a YouTuber, then not tell us who made the video?


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No, they're talking about a game.
Also there is a girl on YouTube that shows you step-by-step what you have to do to unlock your th...
I deleted it I’m going to find a game that works
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