Having a Baby in The Sims Mobile [Complete Guide]

How do I start the baby 101 class quest in the hospital? I already asked my husband to come to the hospital but there’s no option on how to start it
If you scroll down to “more options” and choose the “friendly” option then you should find the event there
I have the same problem and I only have 1 day 5 hours to complete it
I have the same problem and I only have 1 day 5 hours to complete it
What I did was go to your home and tap on your partner, causing you to travel. If the option isn’t there, have them do any random interaction first, and then try again.

Last resort is to go back to the hospital and do a random action there then look again :)
Emily k
Once ur husband is there click on him and on the left side it should say start quest
Click on your partner if it doesn’t show up do an action with them then it will
I tried everything,please I need help it doesn’t work.. and if I don’t complete all the quests does that mean that my sims won’t be able to have a baby? :(
<< Anonymous(Izabela)
not sure if this could help but make sure both the sims are not doing any tasks (work, hobby, etc)
<< Anonymous(Izabela)
First I completed a love chapter with them and then after that the event came up but you need to make sure aswell you have unlocked the hospital in market square :)
<< Anonymous(Emily k)
It doesn't say that for me
<< Anonymous
I didn't find it
<< Anonymous
Raeghan Overton
Google user
I have the same problem too.
<< Anonymous(Liv)
Same , and I can’t find it
I had the same issue. The option didn’t come up on my partner so I decided to complete the completely enamored event. It should come up as an event after you’ve completed that, if you already have then try completing a different event with your partner
<< Anonymous(Liv)
I have 4 hrs
<< Anonymous(Liv)
Same but I don't have downtown and I think that's where the hospital is and I have 1day 6h to comlete quest
<< Anonymous(Emily)
Where is the market square???
<< Anonymous(Chloe)
Thanks for the info. I had the same issue as well and I tried to complete love chapter event or whatever event u found first, then after finish, the option of baby 101 event appear.
<< Anonymous
You saved my life thank you so much !
Anonymous 30days ago
For me it just says i can't bring my husband because the lot is "full"
Aims 15days ago
What i did was I went to the hospital did a romantic quest with my partner and then when I tapped again the option to do the baby 101 was there
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 12days ago
Use the map
Me 9days ago
I did the same thing but there was no option how to start can you help
--- 5days ago
I kind of cheated a bit by going on a date with the nurse to make her a romantic partner and doing baby 101 with her instead? it seemed to work then.
<< Anonymous(Izabela)
Anoymous 4days ago
If your Sims have to do another romantic event together then they're gonna have to do that first x hope that makes sense x


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