Why are some features blocked on my The Sims Mobile app?

(“Sleep with..” in double bed, Whoohoo, etc.)


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If you have a toddler in the room or any kid I think, you can’t do woohoo because they want privacy. Now sleeping Idk
Try to relocate or move the bed. Make sure you have enough space around it

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NPC stranger living in my house.

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My baby has aged to a toddler and has disappeared.

Is it normal for a toddler to disappear or be invisible?

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I can’t see my toddler??

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Baby and toddler

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Ok... So the winterfest holiday party quest.... Tap on the huge tree in the middle, it says i can...
YOU CANT WOHOO WITH THE SAME SEX WHATTT. so I married my bff in game as a joke and was gonna laug...
I spent an hour trying so hard to get the work shift bar up but it’s still at zero. This is...
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