Baby to Toddler.. now what?

How long will my toddler stay little, and when she grows up will she be one of my sims? If someone could walk me through toddler to adult I’d appreciate it. Thanks.


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I don't know, I'm sorry. I'm trying to look as well so yep sorry I don't have a clue.
After the baby becomes a toddler it will stay like that for a few days. After that it becomes a child and stays like that for a few days as well, and then it becomes an adult. When you retire your sims, you will be able to promote the child as your playable sim.
You have to complete the real handful event every day. The more you do that event the quicker they will age up, they become a child.
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Wait, this isn’t an answer but to I seriously have to spend 175 cash to be able to control my child when she turns into an adult? T-T
Your toddler will stay a toddler for about 2-3 days, then will age up into a child. Then she will stay a child for about 3-4 days and then become an adult. If you have a available slot open, you can promote her through the family portrait and she’ll become a sim you can control. If you don’t have an available slot she will just walk around the house like a child or toddler would. (If your baby/toddler/child is taking a long time to age up you need to do more actions with him or her, the more you interact the faster they’ll age up.)
Yes you can make the toddler one of your sims when they grow up

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