Why wont my sim level up in the medical career?

I finished all points in level 10 in the medical career but it wont promote me to level 11. I even tried 2 more events and i still dont get promoted


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It only goes up to level 10
anoymous How to get the medical injector heirloom. My sim won't promote to level 11 in medical! So tell me how u get that cause I don't see how to in my game. Help
Sim won't promote to level 11. I have the same issue
Can you show us some screenshot? Does attending to career event provides you XP?
You need the heirloom - Medical Injector - to unlock the career event to move beyond level 10. If you have the heirloom, an event called "promotion" will be available.

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I wanna know the same. I'm lvl 27 now, will find out soon.
to get the sim out of your house i guess
My daughter plays it on my phone, and we having the same problem. Can't make it go away
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