How do I delete a sim?

My sim is very ugly, I can’t do anything about it. It's a child actually. She started out with beautiful hair but when she aged into a child she became bald. I’m thinking if sims could have cancer but I doubt it


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25days ago
You can't delete a child sim only aldult sims.
25days ago
Wait for the child to grow up and go to the costumize sim page and go to hair and get done hair for you're sim.
31days ago
I can’t figure it out eather
Just click on the family portrait, click on the sim and then select move out
You can not move out someone who is in your current genoration so I have a problem.i put a brother and a sister for my genoration and now I can not move them out because it is saying he is a adult.and one of my sims are married and have 2 children but I want to control my girls husband. If anyone else has this problem tell me how to fix it and I f thy you have the problem to.
I know my sims kids did that too one day nice the next day ugly just wait until they grow up they will be ugly but better
I would keep it
You can’t it is not possible but you can promote them

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yes and its Aggravating.
You did not solve my question. I am disappointed, please do evolve your website to the current ex...
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