How do I delete a sim?

My sim is very ugly, I can’t do anything about it. It's a child actually. She started out with beautiful hair but when she aged into a child she became bald. I’m thinking if sims could have cancer but I doubt it


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It’s very confusing but sadly there is no way to get rid of it
god tell me about it.mine is son.when he was young he was so cute.when he was in pre-teen still looks good.but when he grow up he is so made me so sick i wish i could kill him and push him to the hell.
You can't delete the sim in the Sims Mobile but when they are an adult you can move them out or promote them so you can change their appearance.
That’s really weird but just click on her and choose change appearance
When it’s an adult Move out or you can promote and choose its appearance
You are not able to change what your kid looks like, let's just pretend it had cancer :P. But on the real note I think you should just uninstall your sims and then install it to restart. I know its a pain to re-do it, (I've done it 2 times) but I think it is worth it if you don't like how she looks.

I hope I could help!

-Fellow Sims Player
You need to get her to an adult and than go to the family picture, press on her and choose "moove out"
Just let your child Sim grow and promote her as playable. You can change her appearance and her name too.

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