How do you change the baby’s name?

I’m pretty new at this game-please help!


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3days ago
You can't change the name now until later when they reach adulthood and you choose to make them playable, you can do this if you have a free SIM slot and clicking on your family portrait.
31days ago
You can't change the baby's name. Only when there first born is when you can make there name. But if you retire one of your sims and make your child (adult) the sim then you can change there name in "change appearance"
Once the child is a adult you can change its name when you change its clothes
I dont think you can, its there forever
Sadly you have to keep the name till they are an adult then when you promote them you'll be able to change their name and appearance.
Go to the family photo on the wall and tap on the baby
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You won’t be able to change your Sims’ names until you make them playable characters. :)

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Wait for 24 hrs, tap on the crib again, and select conceive a plan.
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