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My sims won’t retire. My sims have got all their traits and one of them has completed their career story. They work a lot too. Their younger brothers and sisters are old already. Help?
<< Anonymous(REPLY PLEASE)
Anonymous Reply
Did you reach level 16 yet? You unlock the ability to retire your Sims at level 16.
My sim's pants are dusty? I've tried changing his clothes, having him shower, wash hands, etc. Still dusty. What gives?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Did you get the pants from Izzy? If so, that’s not going to come off.
Where to start the new photojob???
how dos one get to the generation page? i've gotten to it once before :/
Hi all, I was just wondering: is it worth getting the 4th sim slot?
And are there any simcash furniture that are a MUST BUY (because it'll help a lot, ex: giving more energy)? I'm pretty new and would like some tips! Thank you!
<< Anonymous(Tyler)
Micky Reply
I've got all 4 slots, but I like a full house. I play all the children. I'm saving up for the bathtub.
I bought an heirloom but I can't use it, it just jumps when I click it
<< Anonymous(J)
Micky Reply
You don't use heirlooms.
My sim married the waiter guy at the restaurant. Why is he not a playable character now? All he does is stand around the house not helping to raise his kid and inviting strange people into our house. Thinking about getting a divorce. Sigh....
<< Anonymous(Michelle)
Eto Reply
Haha! Sounds like real life..
<< Anonymous(Eto)
Irish Reply
<< Anonymous(Michelle)
Anonymous Reply
you have to go into your generations page and click ‘promote’
Hello, I'm trying to find the answer to my kind of stupid problem.
I can't start medical career. there's no option in it.
<< Anonymous(Christi)
Anonymous Reply
You have to buy the place for it.
A non playable sim isn't leaving my house
I made a friendly introduction with him 3 days earlier and fron that time hi is not doing out of my house what should do
I can't find how to remove/edit placed walls. Am I just missing it?
<< Anonymous(adelia)
Hello Reply
What do you mean? Your rooms come with 4 walls and that's that. You cant 'edit' them and knock down a wall.
where can i find vanity table?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

I have the same question
where can i find the vanity table?
<< Anonymous
Hello Reply
Don't need actual vanity table. Use bathroom sink.
Can you not have romantic relationships between your own two Sima?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yes you can

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You have to get another option for a new trait and then press the retire button that will pop up ...
Same!! I keep attending parties and can't get one more sim ticket to have a baby this is inf...
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