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Welcome to the house idea forum for The Sims Mobile players! Share your house pics and help other players make their house nicer!

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Is there a way to delete an interior wall? I added a new room to expand and separate the kitchen/living room. Now I have a solid wall and I don't want to have a door. Any ideas?
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Anonymous Reply
I don’t think you can - what I usually do is add one of those super wide door ways!
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Anonymous Reply
You can't that I know of, but you can expand the original room to make it bigger by clicking on it as dragging the arrows if you don't want a wall between the two sections. However, you can also buy and add a door in the same section you went to add the room. If you already knew this, I apologize.
<< Anonymous(Chris)
HereToHelp Reply
You can use a open door I think! :)
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Anonymous Reply
Actually you can, I already saw someone do it in the game but yeah I dont know how they done
Is it possible to have 7th room? Because i need to build bew rooms as my quest but i already have 6 which its says 6/6 only.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You need to level up your lifestyle to haute hotshot in order to buy 7 rooms
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same issue here. People give me the same reply, improving lifestyle which I have done. It tells me I can build but when I go to, it says 6/6 improve lifestyle. I asked EA & they checked my account saying its either a bug or I have maximized the number of rooms I can have but if thats true, I can no longer buy items as there is no room for more but I need to purchase items to complete tasks
<< Anonymous
NotNamedPleas Reply
Yeah, but how can I upgrade my lifestyle to build a room? I have 5 rooms and when u go onto it all it says is “improve your lifestyle to unlock.” I’m so confused reply back if you know what to do.
Does anyone know if you can have more than one house and also does anyone know how to move your sims spouse into your sims house
<< Anonymous(Tay)
Yee Reply
You have to move them in using the 'ask to move in' interaction. It unlocks at relationship level 8
<< Anonymous(Tay)
Anonymous Reply
Get married to move them in
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I already married them but how do I ask them to move in?
I'm in level 15. Can I move stuff? Can I delete some windows? Can I buy a house?
<< Anonymous(Ghostofhamlet)
SimmermaN Reply
You can but you can't buy a new house. You can only own 1 house.
<< Anonymous(Ghostofhamlet)
ItzAutumn 30days ago Reply
You can move stuff and delete things but you cannot buy another house like in sims 4.
<< Anonymous(Ghostofhamlet)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
You can move stuff by holding down on the objects you want to move, either on build mode or not.

Also! Did you know that you can make walls different colors in the same room?! And the exterior walls?! Just choose the “Wall” option rather than the default “Room” option while choosing wall styles, it’s in the upper right hand corner when you’re changing the walls.
How do I do an outdoor flooring / patio? I saw it when I attended a party.
<< Anonymous(Geebee )
Anonymous Reply
that floor is a party exclusive item (same goes for the DJ and music items).
<< Anonymous(Geebee )
Kym Reply
You should be able to Host a party, the item is exclusive and temporarily available for when you host parties and it's free.
<< Anonymous(Geebee )
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
You can buy one under the "Outdoor" section I don't know wich level you have to be but it cost quit some money and it will look different from the party one and you can not dance on it but it give the same idea
The "improve your lifestyle" task in the daily to do list seems harder to complete after the update. What's the deal? I had to buy 3 special ticket items just to complete it, doing that daily is not cool.
<< Anonymous(Andrea)
Andrea Reply
Sorry I posted in the wrong spot :0
<< Anonymous(Andrea)
Anonymous Reply
You don't have to go up a level, only need to buy one thing to increase you lifestyle score.
<< Anonymous
Andrea Reply
I figured out that other people are having the same issue since the latest update.
why is there a random Sim I my house that I can't tell to get out?
<< Anonymous(Fae)
DoodleMcMuffin Reply
I had this same problem. He was in my house for two generations before I FINALLY figured out how to get him to leave. What you have to do is go to a location other than your house. You then click on the sim icon above the car one in the bottom left corner. Then you go to relationships and find the sim that's stuck in your house. Then click socialize and choose the option to "call over" said sim.
<< Anonymous(DoodleMcMuffin)
Anonymous Reply
I tried but it says there are too many sim here choose another location
Why, when I try to get a Sim to move in and go to press the option, it tells me no more room in the household? How do I fix this?
<< Anonymous(Sandy)
Anonymous Reply
One of your sims has to move out, you can do this when they retire
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or if they’re an adult
Can I build more than one house? Or we only use the house we get/redecorate etc. ?
<< Anonymous(Househunter)
Anonymous Reply
you can only own 1 house, but you can separate rooms to make it look like 2 houses
<< Anonymous(Househunter)
ItzAutumn 30days ago Reply
I think it’s not possible but maybe EA will try that since many people say that the house is full and that they don’t want to kick out a sim.
Here's mine!
<< SimmermaN
EmiliA_ArGienTe Reply
sua casa é grande!
<< Anonymous(EmiliA_ArGienTe)
SimmermaN Reply
Muito obrigado!
How do I color my beds?! Please help! ;(
<< Anonymous(PLEASEHELPME)
Mithun Reply
Click on the bed for some 2-3 secs , your bed will get locked and will show the option of moving somewhere or Changing thencolor of bed
Vix 31days ago
Help!!! I tried to make some changes to my house and it used all my simoleons and left me bankrupt and with a smaller house :( is there anyway to fix it?
<< Anonymous(Vix)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
its a bug, you must report it here for compensation

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