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update 06/08/2018

Photography Quest and Limited Time Offers

For folks who doesn't have the Photography Career yet, listen up!

The Sims Mobile Team reintroduced the quest where you can get the heirloom to unlock this career without hurting your SimCash Wallet.

The quest first introduced during ASOS Fashion Event back in April of 2018. During that two-week special event, players can receive various fabulous ASOS clothings, cupcakes, fashion gems and heirlooms.

Starting August 3rd, players who haven't unlock that said career can take advantage of this quest for the next 3 days upon opening the game. Players who completed the 18-part Photography Career quest within the given timeframe can receive the "High-End Digital Camera" heirloom. If you have lots of SimCash, you can also purchase the Photography Outfits Pack for 450 SimCash, but that is just optional.

For more information about this career, follow this link.

How To Complete

Since we're able to get this career the first time it was introduced, the Photography heirloom quest and offer is no longer available to us. We were lucky enough to bump into one Reddit post about this extremely long and tiring quest. This is how you can complete the quest:

  • Part 1: Photograph 5 wall pieces
  • Part 2: Take 3 selfies with a Sim
  • Part 3: Start a friendly relationship
  • Part 4: Earn 3 stars at a Party
  • Part 5: Earn 650 Simoleons
  • Part 6: Complete 3 relationship events
  • Part 7: Initiate an 8 hour event
  • Part 8: Complete a Career Story Chapter
  • Part 9: Initiate an 8 hour event
  • Part 10: Complete Daily To Do List
  • Part 11: Initiate an 8 hour event
  • Part 12: Complete Daily To Do List
  • Part 13: Earn 20 Sim Tickets. (Parties or Relationship Events)
  • Part 14: Initiate an 8 hour event
  • Part 15: Earn 20 home tickets. (Career or Hobby Events)
  • Part 16: Initiate an 8 hour event
  • Part 17: Complete 2 Hobby Story Chapters
  • Part 18: Initiate an 8 hour event
    According to the reddit user and The Sims Mobile player Lomazom who posted this guide, it is possible to complete the quest within the span of 2 days.


I have the high end camera heirloom but I can't see the career story in the fashion studio. It only shows me the original fashion story career instead of the photography career. What do I do?
<< Anonymous(Fatima)
Anonymous Reply
Tap the furniture icon in the bottom right corner and tap on the high end camera collection. You'll probably have to place the first item in the shop so you can start working

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