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update 15/08/2018

Playing The Sims Mobile game is quite relaxing and enjoyable. It is free to play and can be download in both iOS and Android. There are lots of things to do in the game such as personalizing your Sims, building a family, designing home and a lot more.

The game is easy to start with, however, it is time-consuming. If you are a fan of The Sims game series, you might end of purchasing object using real money.
Here's our guide for you to spend less, play more and make the most of it.

Complete Event Quicky

There is no time machine in the game but there are some tricks you can try to speed up every events in the game. Spending SimCash is not advisable to use in skipping and completing an event since they are valuable. You can simply speed up the timer by using cupcake and assisting them in their performance. Helping them can also contribute to ensuring the success of Risk Actions.

You can also get a head start by adding objects related to its career or hobby in your house. Normally these objects can be unlocked by as you progress in your current career or hobby.

Assigning traits relevant to your Sim's career or hobby also contribute in getting bonus points in the event.

We recommend you to have "Ambitious" and "Talented" trait. "Ambitious" trait make your Sim way better at all Careers, while "Talented" is for all Hobbies.

Earn more Simoleons

After a certain event, you will be prompt if you want to improve your rewards by watching an ad. Take advantage of it. This will increase your rewards. You can also watch ad in the game to get random rewards.

Aside from watching ads, you can also equip your Sims with "Generous" trait to get better login bonuses.

If you're tired and wanted to stop playing for a while or going to sleep, assign each of your Sim in a Career or Hobby Event. Let them complete it on their own so once you resume playing, you just need to accept their rewards from these events.

Don't forget to claim your Family Heirloom everyday and complete your Daily To Do List!

Make use of Surprising Choice

Sometimes, "Surprising Choice" offers limited edition items such as Aquarium or Bath tub for a certain amount of SimCash. It can also give boost to your Career or Hobby XP.

The problem is this feature of the game is random. It's not always present and might pop up after a day or two. So if the Surprising Choice pop up in your game, think twice. Do you want to keep your SimCash or Cupcake, or skip? .

Be a Wise Party Goer

Attending a party is fun, but getting something from it is way better than having a good time.
Assign a Sim that is recommended in a particular party. This will improve your progress at a party. Try your best to contribute more progress points to a single party by refilling your party energy and do more party actions. By doing this, partygoers can get a better reward once the party is over.

If you want to get more friends in the game, you can add them in your contact list. You can also start building relationships with their Sim by performing actions. This will also add points to your party progress.

Since the party is a way of saying hello to the world, make sure you stand out by matching your Sim's look to the weekly sticker.

If the weekly sticker is about being sexy, style them with provocative clothing. This will help you to get more stickers and get more Fashion Gems.

Performing a Fail-proof Risk Actions

To be successful in every Risk Action, build your Sim's confidence level by helping it to perform event actions. Start the Risk Action only if the progress bar is around 80 - 90%. Wait for the prompt "I'm really confident!..." before you start it.

Get Free SimCash

SimCash is the most valuable currency in the game since you need to pay real cash for it. If you want more convenience in the game, SimCash is the answer. However, this currency is not easy to get and quite expensive. If you want free SimCash, you can watch ads by tapping the "Play" button on top of the mailbox. You might get a chance to get a SimCash rather than Simoleons and Tickets.

You can surely receive SimCash as a reward from completing a quest. Stepping up in your Player Level also gives you SimCash and unlockables. Daily login reward sometimes include SimCash so equip them with "Generous" trait to increase the odds.

Spend your Simcash wisely. Instead of using them in speedups, use them to unlock Sim Slots. The more Sims you have in your household, the more Sims you will be able to send out on jobs and earn rewards.

More Energy, More Fun

You can get more additional energy from items having 2 or 3 stars in the catalogue. Just be aware of the amount you need to shell out since the majority of them is not cheap.

To increase the energy you are receiving using the bed, toilet, shower and tub, you can purchase more object related to them such as towel, sink and paper rolls.

Do you have any other tips and tricks for The Sims Mobile?
Share it with us in the comment section!


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