Tricks and Tips in The Sims Mobile

update 28/07/2017

Replenish Your Hunger Quickly

We normally grab a snack from the fridge whenever our Sims is hunger. Doing this interaction will take 3 minutes of your time. The quickest way to replenish its hunger is to eat cooked food. Sims with Cooking Hobby can produce food for everyone in your household.

By simply performing "Make a Meal" hobby event once you've reached Cooking Hobby Level 3, you can acquire 1 meal serving. This hobby event will cost you 5 Hygiene Points. Eating this meal can replenish 10 Hunger Points for just 5 seconds! You can produce more meal servings once you've stepped up in this hobby.

Be Well Rested!

Sleeping will replenish your Sims' motives and it will take an hour to complete. Performing "Long Sleep" will take 6 hours; however, this will make your Sims well-rested.

Well-rested Sims can perform all actions for Careers, Hobbies and Social Events including interactions with other Sims with double benefit. This will duplicate the stars you will earn in every event. That will complete the event quickly without using too much Energy points. We suggest performing "Long Sleep" if you will not be playing for a long period of time like before you actually sleep.

Stop the Agitated Mailbox

If you think the mailbox in front of your house is just a display, think again. Once in a while, this mailbox becomes agitated and required action.

Similar to our real world, Sims required to pay bill too. The rumbling action of the mailbox is an indication that your utility bill is almost due. By simply tapping the mailbox, you can pay your bill in no time. Just make sure you have enough funds.

Performing a Fail-proof Risk Actions

To be successful in every risk action, build your Sim's confidence level by helping it to perform event actions.


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