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update 27/06/2018


Being a Barista will be your first career once you began the game as this career has a minimum level cap. Your workplace is located in the Parkside. You'll be brewing and serving various drinks like coffee and tea. Getting your customer's feedback and cleaning tables are included in your chores. Progressing though this career will unlocks coffee maker, refrigerator and microwave oven for home decorations and additional actions.

Career Story

Career StoryProgression Path

The Way of the Latte
  • New Brewer
  • Barista's Apprentice
  • Latte Artisan
  • True Brewer

Traits That Will Give Bonus

These Sims are a bit better at all careers
Good Upbringing
These Sims are way better at all Events
These Sims are better at the Barista and Culinary Careers

Career Related Objects

Barista Career


Mismatched Mug Rack
Get a head start in Barista Events

Come Read the Caffeine Sign
50 SimoleonsBarista Career Level 4
Get a head start in Barista Events

Cafe Decorations


Chalk Board
Wall Decoration

Wood and Metal Dining Table
110 SimoleonsNone
Small Dining Table

In Wool Bloom Rug
60 SimoleonsNone

Shadowbox a la Coffee Pots
15 SimoleonsNone
Wall Decorations

Birch Perch
35 SimoleonsNone
Dining Chair

Misto Coffee Table
110 SimoleonsNone
Coffee Table

Home Reward


Rise and Shine Refrigerator
70 SimoleonsUnlocks in The Way of the Latte Career Story

Rise and Shine Microwave
80 Simoleons
1 Home Ticket
Unlocks in The Way of the Latte Career Story
Adds helpful actions to Cooking Events

Rise and Shine Coffee Maker
25 SimoleonsUnlocks in The Way of the Latte Career Story
Coffee Maker

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Hot New Top
I've completed this career story but when I try to make coffee at home using the Rise and Shine Coffee Maker, I keep getting told it "requires chapter 1" of the story, and doesn't allow me to brew anything.
How do you clean tables?
My true brewer progress bar is full but I’m still not done with it, when do I finish it???? Helpp
<< Anonymous(Nuns)
Blueringwraith Reply
How do I end a work shift without working?
It's not letting me make the coffee.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same! Did we do something wrong? So frustrating
It's not letting me make the coffee.
I spent an hour trying so hard to get the work shift bar up but it’s still at zero. This is my first experience of the game so I would like you to fix this because it is an event as well so my sim cannot do anything else.
Where is home screen on iPad to leave I can’t wipe tables
Made it to level 5 %100 but the quest to reach %100 and finish the career is still on my quest list?
Everytime I go into barista tutorial, I get to the part where I have to clean the tables but nothing seems to occur???? Please fix or help this
<< Anonymous(Rose)
Tasha Reply
Same, just downloaded 1/23/21 and im stuck at the batista, everything bounces when touched, cant go home.
<< Anonymous(Tasha)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Mine too
<< Anonymous(Tasha)
Kaida 23days ago Reply
Same I can’t talk to anyone or do anything
<< Anonymous(Tasha)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Please have you found a solution? I have the same issue
It will not let me clean the table in our first job! How do we clean the tables? Do we just double tap the table?
Liam McClenaghan
I’m stuck on the barista tutorial. It’s telling me to clean tables but I can’t because the link star isn’t popping up. Any suggestions?

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