The Sims Mobile 2.1.3 Update

update 10/08/2017

What's the Latest Update?

A new update just released by EA for The Sims Mobile a few days ago. This 2.1.3 update is for both Android and IOS version.

What are the Changes?

According to the description in Google Play / App Store, there will be additional objects and decor and you can personalize the color choices for each item. Since we received the update as well, we notices there are a lot of new items, particularly in the declaration section of the catalogue. You can also switch the color of some previous game items.

Additional items can be found in these sections:

  • Cabinet & Countertops
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Floor Decorations
  • Wall Decorations
  • Indoor Plants
  • Table Decorations
  • Miscellaneous Decorations
  • Doors
  • Windows

Apart from the additional items and customization, you can now also earn experience points when you interact with some objects that matches your Career and Hobbies when you attend a certain party. This is a big help in levelling up with your chosen job and past time.

We also got some improvements to the interaction menu list. Aside from the fresh look, you will also notice they add more information on it.

We also noticed that EA also added a little animation when you started the game before showing your current Sims.

How to Update

You can freely update the game using Google Playstore or App Store if you are located in Brazil. The game still in soft launch only in Brazil. You can follow this link to update the game or this link to install it if you are using Android device. We hope this new update will give you more fun in playing The Sims Mobile!


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Well I have like 6 kids so yeah it'll work. I don't have the extra sim slots either and...
What do u use sim tickets for? What’s the point of them?
How do I complete the improve your lifestyle task on my daily to do ?
How do u change the wall colour of the workplace??
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