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update 05/10/2017

About the Quest

Building a strong platonic relationship is the primary goal of this quest. This quest is merely good for one week, but you can complete this in no time. The quest is more on doing friendly stuff such as sharing cat memes and taking selfies. For some reason, using the bathroom is included. Like with the other weekly quest, this one has 5 stages with 3 tasks per level. You'll get 1 SimCash and 200 Simoleons per completed stage.

First Stage - How to Complete

Go to a Party!

For this task, you just need to attend any party. You don't need to do anything. You can attend a party by tapping the Arrow Tab Menu located at the right side of the screen then select "Parties". Tap "Find Party" then select on the list of parties. Click "Attend" to join the party.

Favorite Another Player's Sim

While attending a party, tap on another player's Sim to interact. Select "Add Sim to Relationship". That Sim will automatically register as your "Favorites". You can check it in the "Relationship" option located in the Information Panel.

Reach the Friend Level with an Acquaintance at Home

Once you've reached Acquaintance Relationship Level 2 with another Sim, the Social Event to change status to a friend will show up if you tap that particular Sim. Initiate the event and perform actions. Do some Risk Actions to quickly complete the event. Just ensure you have enough confidence.

Second Stage - How to Complete

Use the Toilet 3 Times

Using the toilet can recharge your Energy however, you can just use it every after 2 hours per Sim. To complete this task effortlessly, you can instruct each Sim you have in your house to use the toilet. This will definitely conclude this task in no time.

Share Classic Cat Memes

This one is quite simple yet tricky. You'll assume you need to interact directly with your friend Sim but you're incorrect. The first thing you need to do is tap the sofa you have at home to show the list of interactions. Select "Share classic cat meme". Performing this quick interaction will cost 1 Energy.

Reach the Close Friends level with a Friend

This task only requires you to level up your relationship with your friend Sim. He/She should be Relationship Level 3 to perform the Close Friend Social Event. Just execute the event to accomplish this task.

Third Stage - How to Complete

Use the Shower 3 Times

This is quite a self-explanatory task. Just simply use the shower three times. Just a reminder, you can only use it again after 5 hours per Sim. Just use the technique I've mentioned previously in using the potty.

Take a Selfie!

You need to possess a mirror to advance on this task. The Reflected Perfection Wall Mirror which is the cheapest one will only cost 20 Simoleons. Once you've displayed it on your wall, tap on it and perform "Take Flawless Selfie". Even Sims love to take selfie!

Reach the Great Friends level with a Close Friend

To perform this Social Event, you must have a Close Friend Sim with Relationship Level 6. Tap on that Sim and perform the "Become Great Friends Social Event". Just complete the event and try to fill all empty star containers for better reward.

Fourth Stage - How to Complete

Use the Bed 1 Time

Being well-rested is important for any relationship in The Sims Mobile since you'll need energy to execute social events and interaction. To accomplish this task, tap on the bed and select "Take a Power Nap" for your Sim to perform.

Binge-watch TV Together

You can watch multiple episodes of your Sim's favorite TV show by tapping on the television. Select "Binge-watch hit Sci-Fi miniseries" on the list of interaction, then select any friendly Sim you want. He/She should be at least Great Friend Sim or more than that.

Reach the Best Friends level with a Great Friend

To have a Best Friend relationship with another Sim, he/she should be at least a Great Friend with Relationship Level 8. The Social Event "Become Best Friends" will be available to perform. Doing Risk Action during the event will definitely help you to progress in this task. Just keep your confidence level high as much as possible.

Final Stage - How to Complete

Get Energy from the Bed, Shower or Toilet 6 Times collectively

Once you've reached this part, I'll pretty sure you already used up the majority of your recharge objects. We recommend to maximize the your resources. Be patient. You still have few days left to complete this task. For this task, you just need to use all of your remaining recharge objects such as toilet, shower, bed and bath tub.

Research fun, future activities to Do!

This task is all about doing fun activities alone. This is your Sim's Me Time. You can do an assortment of clothing, use the Kitchen Island or go on a pleasant jog.

Become BFFs with a Best Friend

BFF stands for Best Friend Forever. You can only have a BFF in the game once you've reached the Best Friend status Relationship Level 10. All you have to do is initiate the Social Event "Become BFFs" once you have the requirement by tapping your Best Friend Sim. Perform actions and complete the event to conclude this quest.


Hello please tell me how to being friendly in let's be friend quest stage 1-4 2d time left
<< Anonymous(Aiman )
Anonymous Reply
I'm having the same problem.
<< Anonymous(Aiman )
Anonymous Reply
You have to be friendship level 4 with someone. There will be a new friendly action. You can use it once an hour per sim (your own playable Sims).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The problem still hasn't been solved or fixed
<< Anonymous(Aiman )
Kristel Reply
Same problem here. I cant pass on to this 1st stage of the quest. I did everything for being friendly.please help
Actually, for the last stage, you research things to do on the toilet. Figured this out with only a few hours left to spare - phew!
<< Anonymous(AurynW)
SimmermaN Reply
That is also included. The the last stage about "Research fun..." is not limited in using the toilet.

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