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update 08/06/2017

This daily wish is easy to achieve relative to other daily wishes. You just need to purchase a nicer chair which lets you perform the action.

Daily WishSit and read
DescriptionTap on the living chair to perform this action
Reward35 XP

1. Unlock "Sit and read" action

You have two Chic Dining Chairs from the beginning of the game, but they don't let you perform "Sit and read". You need to purchase Satisfactory Sitter, which can be found from a list of Living Room objects. It costs 40 Simoleons.

2. Tap the chair

Once you purchase Satisfactory Sitter, tap it to perform "Sit and read" spending 1 Energy and 1 Hygiene. Since the action is required to achieve the daily wish, it's highlighted in blue.

3. Perform the action

Just wait while the action is in progress. Once it's finished, tap a check icon to recieve reward. You can perform "Sit and read" action from now on using the chair.


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