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update 18/05/2018

Event Overview

The Sims Mobile Team tweeted an announcement a few days ago for their upcoming game event they called "Bubble Blower". The giggly event is now available in both iOS and Android!

To commemorate with the Ramadan celebration which started also today, The Sims Mobile team releases a limited time event called “Bubble Blower”. This event will last for the next two weeks.


This event is similar to the previous event “Hot Tub Dream”, however, it is more focus on doing leisure activities and home decorating.

You will collect Deluxe Coins by performing activities and events and use these coins to spend on ornate boxes. Each ornate box cost 50 Deluxe Coins. You can buy one ornated box for 75 SimCash, however that is not recommended as you might get a not so worthy reward and that will be a big waste of SimCash.


Every ornate box contains one or more of reward item such as Simoleons, Simcash, Fashion Gems and various Tickets. The most exciting part is you’ll have an opportunity to grab some limited reward item like furniture and clothing with middle eastern design.

The only drawback is the reward is random and you can’t select on the list. If by chance you get a duplicate item or meet the item limit, it will be replaced with Bonus Rewards such as Ticket. By completing the 14 part of the quest, you can unlock the “Luxuriously Ornated Double Door” and “Lattice Window” for your home!

How to Complete: Extravagant Ideas Quest

Extravagant Ideas: Part 1

"Have you heard? The World of Luxury Event has arrived!"

  • Action Reward: 3 Relationship XP per Sim
  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

Let’s start the quest with this easy task. You just need to tap any Sims except strangers and perform the action “Talk about the World of Luxury Event”. You will not miss this selection as its in blue color with quest icon on it. You have to do this action five times and with different Sims. If you did not see this action after tapping a Sim, you might want to consider making friends with him/her first.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 2

"Lets be more adventurous and try new artisanal teas at a tea tasting."

  • Event Reward: 25 Deluxe Coins & 205 Simoleons.
  • Quest Reward: Little Luxuries Tea Set

Go to the Cafe in Parkside. Tap on the microphone to start the "Tasteful tea Tasting" event. Your Sim will do some barista tasks such as talk about tea and travel, get customer’s recommendation, pour tea and serve customers.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 3

"Now we can make all of teas at home! Let’s set up our new tea set."

  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

At Home,simply open Home Catalog and go to the Storage Tab to find the Little Luxuries Tea Set, the place it anywhere. You can put it on top a table or just on the floor.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 4

"Let’s invite someone over and share what we’ve learned over a heartwarming cup of tea"

  • Action reward: 3 Relationship XP
  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

This is a quick interaction you can complete in less than a minute. First, locate the Little Luxuries Tea in your Home. Tap on it and select a Sim. Choose "Share tea knowledge" on the list to complete the quest part.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 5

"A little leisure time can get you out of a rut. Let’s relax and unwind."

  • Event Reward: 80 Deluxe Coins, 225 Simoleons, 50XP
  • Quest Rewards: 15 Deluxe Coins

This is a 6 hours long event that you need to start at Home. Tap on a couch with the pink deluxe coin icon and choose the Luxurious Leisure event on the list. Starting the home event will make your Sim perform actions we usually do during our free time such as playing instruments, reading books or gardening. Complete the event to conclude this part of the quest.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 6

"All this lounging around has got us thinking about redecorating…"

  • Action reward: 3 XP
  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

At this point, we are pretty sure you have a couch or loveseat placed at Home. If none, place one and tap on it and select "consider your home decor". That will conclude this part of the quest.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 7

"Let’s go to a party to get some style inspiration and discover new interests!

  • Party Rewards: Sim Tickets, Simoleons & Party Cake (depends on the party type)
  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

Tap the Side Menu then choose the Party Tab. Look for foodie, concert, or studio parties to attend by tapping the Find Parties button. Attending the party will automatically ended this part of the quest. We highly suggest to try to complete the party for higher chance of getting better rewards.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 8

"There’s so much out there to learn! Let’s dabble in this and that to discover new interests."

  • Event Rewards: 80 Deluxe Coins, 290 Simoleons & 50XP
  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

This part is similar to Part 5. Just tap the sofa or couch in your Home and perform the available Luxurious Leisure event. This is quite time consuming, but consider the rewards you'll be getting by completing the event.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 9

"Dabbling is fun, but we can’t lose sight of our goals!"

  • Completed DTD List Rewards: 120 XP and 1 Cupcake
  • Quest Rewards: 15 Deluxe Coins

This part of the quest is toughest and the most time consuming. All you have do is complete all of the tasks on your Daily To Do List. Some tasks on the list is very easy to complete like giving stickers and changing a Sim's appearance, but some of them need a lot of time and energy particularly the task to complete a special event. You can follow our guide on how to complete the list in no time!

Extravagant Ideas: Part 10

"New goal, adventurous eating. Let’s spice up our cooking by taking a class."

  • Event Rewards: 25 Deluxe Coins, 205 Simoleons & 45XP
  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

Go to the Restaurant in the Market Square. Tap on the fridge and select the event titled "Spice-It-Up Cooking Class. This will last for 4 hours without your help, but with your assistance, you can speed up the timer. Initiating the event will make your Sim cook some dishes in the Restaurant, taste testing and talking with the Chef and Restaurant crew. You'll get rewards mentioned above upon completion of the event.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 11

"Let’s keep building better habits. Don’t stop now!'

  • Completed DTD List Rewards: 120 XP and 1 Cupcake
  • Rewards: 15 Deluxe Coins

This part of the quest can be completed by following the steps in part 9 since the only thing you need to do is to accomplish the Daily To Do List. The list refreshes daily so you can't complete the entire quest in just one day.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 12

“We’ve come a long way, so let’s reflect and make plans for self-improvement.”

  • Event Rewards: 80 Deluxe Coins, 290 Simoleons & 62 XP
  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

This part is another Luxurious Leisure event that you need to complete at Home by tapping the sofa to start. Title of the event varies for these kind of event, but as long as it's about the Luxuries Leisure, you’re safe. Just do the steps in Part 5 to complete it.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 13

“Let’s talk to a friend who can help us on our journey to be the Sim we want to be!”

  • Event Rewards: 25 Deluxe Coins, 130 Relationship XP & 45 XP
  • Quest Reward: 15 Deluxe Coins

This friendly event lasts for 3 hours and 38 minutes without your help. You can help your Sim to perform to speed up the timer. You can start it by tapping the friend or at least acquaintance of your Sim and select “Friendly Insights” event. Your Sim will ask for some advice and tips from his/her friend.

Extravagant Ideas: Part 14

“Let’s keep expanding our horizons! There’s more for us to learn and discover.”

  • Quest Reward: 10 SimCash

This is the final stretch of the quest and the most tragic to complete! The instruction given is to earn a total of 1,700 Deluxe Coins by completing World of Luxury events. It is very simple, but imagine the pain in earning these precious Deluxe Coins.You can earn Deluxe Coins in every hobby, career and relationship events, however earned coins from them are not counted. It’s should be earned from events for World of Luxury. We know it might take that long to earn the required amount, but you have 2 weeks to earn it. So hang on it tightly and just enjoy!

Extravagant Ideas Quest Reward

Upon the completion of the whole quest, you'll be receiving one Luxuriously Ornated Double Door and one Luxuriously Ornated Lattice Window. You can see these rewards in the Home Catalog under Build Category.

In case you need more of it, you can buy it too! Each Luxuriously Ornated Double Door cost 45 SimCash while the Luxuriously Ornated Lattice Window cost 1,390 Simoleons and 24 Home Tickets per piece.


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