why is that i cant marry a sim?

Even though their in level 10 relationship and already her fiance but theres no option that i can marry a sim. I already bought the three objects for married but i still cant. Please help me for this!


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7days ago
I don’t know either please help
17days ago
You have to solve the marridge part.. it's called "Propose to" After that it's a kinda chain event that has to be solved in 48 hour, to be able to get the marrige set
You have to finish all the 15 steps to the wedding quest
You need to do the quest
u have to purchase the wedding decor and things to have the wedding event
Do at least one action required for the wedding quest, wait maybe 3 days, then press on your fiancé and press “Here comes the wedding” event!
This happened to me too! I had a level ten relationship and it never gave me the option to propose.
get a boy

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That slot opens up for another Sim.
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You unlocked the career know you have to unlock the place
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