Highest level

Anyone who has reached the highest level of the game (I heard it was 40)? What happens afterwars? Are there any new items, careers or anything or is it just status quo?


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2days ago
I've been on level 50 for like 2 months (or even more, idk)
15days ago
I'm at 50 toast of the town nothing new happening sorry
20days ago
I’m currently level 44, anyone above level 50? Also you eventually run out of quests? ( besides the special time limited ones
I’ve been on level 50 for over a month
I have a friend whos reached level 50
Add me- NA6FCMQ I’m unhelpful lol
I’m not helpful
I am lv. 48 / Add me: 4QLKRHN
I think so
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When the surprising choice first popped up I was completely broke. I didn’t get on for the...
I'm not able to get it either and I keep doing the quest over and over
Same problem.. how did u find it?
If uou don't finish a baby guest will u have to start over
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