I an unretire a Sim that just had a baby?

I retired my sim. She just had a baby... Oops. How can I take care of the baby without the mom?

7days ago


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This question is waiting for your answer. Look forward to your kind help!

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What happens to a child SIM if both parents retire?

What happens to a child SIM if both parents retire?
7days ago

limited items

I can't purchase new furniture or decorations without storing other items.. please help..
7days ago

Relationship tasks

I have energy and am in the middle of a long hangout but the are no task options. I've tried...
7days ago

How old does my Sim get?

I've just downloaded Sims Mobile and I want to know how long my Sim has to live. Also, when ...
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Move furniture how?

I’m playing the game for al few days now, but i can’t figure out how to move my furni...
7days ago

Game won’t open

My game isn’t opening up and letting me play which has never happened before. It shows the ...
7days ago

Sims Mobile Wallvue Tv

I just bought a wallvue tv. How can I put it on a table? I used my living room table even the dre...
7days ago

Why can’t I put the bowl of food in storage ?

The food from the microwave is on my floor and I have no where to put it ?
7days ago

What’s your favorite sim you’ve ever made?

Whether it’s one you’ve programmed or made for yourself, what’s your favorite s...
7days ago

How do I move on in the baby quest?

I finished one part but the next won’t show up. And I can’t get my rewards for the on...
7days ago


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Yes and so is the high chair
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that gets very annoyed by these so-called 'aw...
Does the sim you send the "move-in" request need to have all traits completed before th...
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