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Welcome to the house idea forum for The Sims Mobile players! Share your house pics and help other players make their house nicer!

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How to move floormat
I can't seem to move or put the floormat on inventory. How do I do it? It's kinda frustrating? No matter how many times I press and hold it can't seem to move it. Whenever I press and hold the home, carreer, hobby collections will pop out.
<< Anonymous(How to move floormat)
miyu kotobuki Reply
been there. Then I figure it out. That's the right step; press and hold until the home collections come out, then hide it down (don't close, just hide it, click the arrow to hide it down), then press and hold the doormat once more, voila!
How can I have the divider for decoration?
<< Anonymous(Triscia)
Anonymous Reply
it was from an event, you canT get it now :/
How do I do an outdoor flooring / patio? I saw it when I attended a party.
<< Anonymous(Geebee )
Anonymous Reply
that floor is a party exclusive item (same goes for the DJ and music items).
<< Anonymous(Geebee )
Kym Reply
You should be able to Host a party, the item is exclusive and temporarily available for when you host parties and it's free.
<< Anonymous(Geebee )
Anonymous Reply
You can buy one under the "Outdoor" section I don't know wich level you have to be but it cost quit some money and it will look different from the party one and you can not dance on it but it give the same idea
does expanding rooms need any requirements? cos last time i did it took away all my money i've been collecting and its so regretful
<< Anonymous(kina)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, it cost money you can see how much it cost when you make the room
Any news on maybe there being a future update giving us the ability to add a second floor? Because that would be really neat and convenient...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I agree
Is there a way for me to get the hot tub stuff and/or the golden bathroom objects even though the quests are already over?
<< Anonymous(Harambe3632)
Anonymous Reply
hopefully they do the events again in the future for the new players who missed them :/

for the hot tub, the only way to get it now is by paying 2000 simcash in those `Surprising Choices`...but thats way too expensive
Can I build more than one house? Or we only use the house we get/redecorate etc. ?
<< Anonymous(Househunter)
Anonymous Reply
you can only own 1 house, but you can separate rooms to make it look like 2 houses
<< Anonymous(Househunter)
ItzAutumn Reply
I think it’s not possible but maybe EA will try that since many people say that the house is full and that they don’t want to kick out a sim.
Help!!! I tried to make some changes to my house and it used all my simoleons and left me bankrupt and with a smaller house :( is there anyway to fix it?
<< Anonymous(Vix)
Anonymous Reply
its a bug, you must report it here for compensation
can you make 2 story houses?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can’t
What's the difference between the orange and blue career and Hobbies in the parties?
<< Anonymous(Kayla)
Simmerman Reply
Let's you know which level of a career object is available to you in that house/party.
I can’t move on from “fashionably impassioned” I’m currently at a full bar and 20,748 points. Why can’t I move up?
How many lifesytle point required to improve from haute hotshot? I ve been stucked on this, it is fulled but wont improve lifestyle
<< Anonymous(lepo)
Andrea Reply
I think the latest update screwed up the lifestyle progression. It takes way to many purchases to level up your lifestyle now. ~Not sure the exact amount needed sorry :(

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