The Sims Mobile Player Level: Guides & Tips

Sims Mobile player level guide, how to gain xp, how to leve up fast, and unlockable features.
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update 03/07/2018

What is Player Level?

The Player Level is basically the measurement of your progress in the game. You can earn XP by doing actions, and once earned XP reaches a certain amount, you get your level up. You can check Player Level and required XP to reach next level at the top left-hand corner. SimCash and unlocked objects, locations, and so on are rewards for leveling up.

Ways to earn XP

Do Some Action!

By tapping a some objects, you will be asked to do an action. You can check what you will spend for it and how many XP you can earn.

Go to Work

Aside from the Simoleons and Career XP you'll receive from doing your job, you'll also get some Level XP.

Do your Hobby

Performing your Hobby is not just for fun. There are lots of rewards whenever you completed a Hobby Events. One of these rewards is Level XP. The higher your Hobby Level, the more XP you'll get.


Interacting and socializing with other Sims around you is also rewarding. Aside from establishing your relationship with them, you'll also get Level XP.

Attend A Party

Attending parties are not just good in socializing with other players, but also helps in improving your Sims' level. Your Sim's hobby or career can also contribute in some party.

Participating in Events

Special Events normally held outside your home and workplace. It is time consuming, but it's worth a try. Aside from XPs and Simoleons, you can also receive variety of Tickets

Recharge your Energy

You can also get a small number of Level XP whenever you recharge your Energy. Just a reminder, there is a limitation in using these recharge objects per day.

How to Level up Faster

Complete Daily To Do List

Completing your Daily To Do List is one way to speed up your levelling. A number of tasks are assigned each day, and you can earn a total of 120 XP and a cupcake. There is no penalty even if you miss them. Aside from XP, you can also receive Simoleons, Tickets, and Fashion Gem.



Level 4
Unlock Market Square
The Market Square is where you can get your second set of Careers which are Culinary, Fashion, Medical and Photography.

Level 6
Unlock Parties
Party is the multiplayer feature of The Sims Mobile. You'll get to know and play with the other players of the game.

Level 7
Unlock Marriage
You can marry only if you have a Romantic Type Relationship Level 6 with another Sim.

Level 8
Unlock Hobbies
You can unlocking Cooking as
your first Hobby. Other Hobbies can be unlock as your progress with your level except with Piano and Internet Icon.

Level 11
Unlock Babies
in The Sims Mobile, you can either adopt or make your own baby. At least Relationship level 3 is also required.

Level 12
Unlock Special Events
Special Events offer various Tickets and Simoleons as a reward.

Level 15
Unlock Downtown
You can be a lawyer, businessman or a DJ in Downtown.

Level 16
Unlock Retirement & Heirlooms
Retirement is not always the end of everything for a Sim. He/She can still be around and mentor family members. To commemorate your Sim's retirement, he/she will give you a Heirloom that unlocks certain trait, level or hobby.

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