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update 03/05/2018

Quest Overview

In the latest update of The Sims Mobile, a new quest was added and this is all about wedding. As we all know wedding is not just a simple event. You need to invest a lot of time and money for you to marry someone. That is exact what the quest all about. It is from doing a proposal up to the wedding proper. Aside from the XP, Tickets and Simoleons, you'll also get not only a bed or a lamp from the Honeymoon Suite Collection, but the entire set of furniture!

Quest Rewards

Honeymoon Suite Bed
Honeymoon Suite Bed
Allows Sims to recover Energy
Honeymoon Suite Nightstand
Honeymoon Suite Nightstand
End Table
Honeymoon Suite Dresser
Honeymoon Suite Dresser
Honeymoon Suite Rug
Honeymoon Suite Rug
Large Rug
Honeymoon Suite Lamp
Honeymoon Suite Lamp x 2
Floor Light

How to Complete

For this quest, you must be at least Player Level 7 to unlock marriage. Aside from that, you must have a Romantic Level 6 relationship with another Sim. The quest will only appear in your quest list once you're done with the "Propose" event with your Sim's partner.

Part 1: Wedding Planner

The first part of the quest is quite simple. You just need to tap your Sim's partner and perform the interaction "Set a wedding date". You need at least 2 Energy points to spend. This is very quick and easy. You'll get 25 Simoleon reward.

Part 2: Save the Date

This is another quick interaction. Tap on any type of couch you have at home and perform "Choose invitations". Your Sim will sit down and use a mobile phone to select a wedding invitation. This will use 2 Energy and you'll be rewarded with 25 Simoleons.

Part 3: Well-Groomed

For this part, you just need to tap your Sim's partner to start an event called "Something New". The event will take place in the Fashion Studio and will last for 7 hours and 36 minutes. You can speed up the timer by helping your Sim perform in the event and doing some Risk Actions. You can also pay SimCash to conclude the event in no time. You'll get 375 Relationship XP, some Sim Tickets and XP. On top of that, you'll also receive 25 Simoleons and 10 XP from completing this part.

Part 4: Gimme Gimme

Part 4 is another quick interaction that will require 2 Energy points to spend. Tap on a table and simply perform "Set up wedding gift registry". Your Sim will sit down infront of the table and will use a laptop to set it up. You'll instantly receive 25 Simoleons from completing this part.

Part 5: A Taste of Bliss

This part is all about food tasting. This is an event that will be held in the Restaurant located in the Market Square. To start, tap on your Sim's partner and choose "Do You Take This Menu?" Culinary event. This will last for 7 Hours and 36 mins. Speed up the clock by helping your Sim to perform or pay a hefty amount of SimCash. Completing this part will reward you 375 Relationship XP, some Sim Tickets and XP. You'll surely get 25 Simoleons and 10 XP too!.

Part 6: Suite for Marriage

This part is similar to the 3rd Part, "Gimme Gimme"; however, you need to step up your relationship level and move to the next relationship story with your Sim's partner first. Once you've done with that, tap on your Sim's partner and select the event "Something New". Just do the same procedure of the 3rd part to complete it. They also have the same rewards.

Part 7: Aisle Be There

For you to accomplish this part, you just need to tap on a couch at home and select "Agonize over wedding guest list". Your couple will sit down and discuss about their guest list. This is just a 5 second interaction so no need to worry about their agony. You'll get 25 Simoleons once it's over.

Part 8: Culinary Commitment

This part is all about cheating; not with your Sim's partner, but with your diet. This is a quick interaction where in you need to tap on your fridge at home, perform "Sample wedding cakes" and munch on a slice of cake. You need to use 2 Energy points for this. A reward of 25 Simoleons awaits you just for eating a slice of cake. Sweet!

Part 9: Cake Crisis

Part 9 "Cake Crisis and Part 5 "A Taste of Bliss" is just similar. Tap on your Sim's partner and choose "Do You Take This Menu?". This will automatically start the event and teleport you to the Restaurant. You'll see your couple food tasting again, giving suggestions to the waiter and haggling by bribing the head chef. Just follow the fifth part of this guide to complete.

Part 10: Pre-Wedding Jitterbug

This is the funniest and the wildest part of the quest. To start this event, tap on your Sim's partner and select "A Night to Barely Remember". Make sure your Sim have enough energy for you to help him/her in performing actions. Same with the other events, this will last for 7 hours and 36 minutes without your assistance. You'll couple will start partying in the club located in Downtown. They will soon dance wildly! Completing this event will award you 375 Relationship XP, Sim Tickets and some XP. You'll also get a of reward of 25 Simoleons and 10 XP for ticking this off from your quest list.

Part 11: Cold Feet

This time, your Sim will need his/her friends to help him/her overcome cold feet. Probably because of nervousness or discouragement but don't you worry, he/she can overcome it quickly as this interaction will only last for 5 seconds. You'll use a total of 6 Energy pointsto perform this trice to complete this part of the quest. You'll get 25 Simoleons as a reward.

Part 12: Paperwork Party

For you see this event when tapping on your Sim's partner, you have to step up your relationship level and move to the next relationship story first. Once you've done that, you can see the event "True Love's Test" upon tapping on your Sim's partner. Starting the 7 hour and 36 minute event will teleport the two of them in the Civic Center. Just help your Sim perform in this event to speed up timers. You can still use your Simcash if you want to end the event ASAP. You'll get 375 Relationship XP, Sim Tickets and XP. For completing this part, you'll receive 25 Simoleons and 10 XP.

Part 13: Love in Bloom

For you to complete this part, you just simply place the decoration for the wedding. You can purchase these in the Home catalog. The Wedding Arch cost 350 Simoleons and 5 Home Tickets. The Floral Pillar cost 90 Simoleons and 1 Home Ticket while the Windowed Rose Lattice cost 120 Simoleons and 3 Home Tickets. You have to place them outside your home. You'll get 25 Simoleons as reward.

Part 14: The Happiest Day

For the 14th part, you just need to tap your Sim's partner and initiate the event "Here Comes the Wedding". Event will last for7 hours and 36 minutes without your help. It is advisable to help your Sim to perform to hasten the event's progress. You'll notice that your couple with change to their wedding clothes and perform actions together.

You'll get this congratulation message after the wedding. Clicking "Okay" will conclude the event and you'll receive Tickets, XP and 375 Relationship XP as rewards.

Part 15: Hello, Honeymoon!

This is the most awaited part, the honeymoon!
To complete this part and the quest, you must have a double bed placed in your home to unlock the "WooHoo" action. The Sleepytime Double Bed is the cheapest one and will cost you 322 Simoleons and 6 Home Tickets. Make sure you place it with enough space around it. Tap on it and perform "Enjoy wedded WooHoo". This is a quick action that will require 2 Energy points to start. Completing the action will reward you 25 Simoleons. On top of that, you'll also receive all the furniture in the Honeymoon Suite Collection!.


Hot New Top
When I try to do part 5. It says to click on your partner and click on do you take this menu but it’s not there. Anyone know what I’m missing?
<< Anonymous(Deb)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Yes complete next part of relationship that should fix it or unless you need to be at home
<< Anonymous(Deb)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Step up relationship level
<< Anonymous(Deb)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Try doing something flirty with them it worked for me
<< Anonymous(Deb)
Person 5days ago Reply
You need to level up on the relationship
Kat 15days ago
I completed this today. Bought the double bed and finished woo-hoo but the honeymoon suite is still locked and says I need to do the quest, yet I'm married
<< Anonymous(Kat)
Kai 4days ago Reply
Maybe you didn't finish it in time?
<< Anonymous(Kat)
Kai 4days ago Reply
Maybe you didn't finish it in time?
<< Anonymous(Kat)
Kai 4days ago Reply
Maybe you didn't finish it in time?
<< Anonymous(Kat)
Kai 4days ago Reply
Maybe you didn't finish it in time?
Same thing happened to me.
<< Anonymous(Kayla)
Chila Reply
I'm not able to get vast the night to barely remember...the entire wedding quest seems to have disappeared! In fact, when I click on my partner, it's like we aren't even lovers...something is very wrong.
<< Anonymous(Kayla)
Alyssa 31days ago Reply
Same thing happened to me!! :(
<< Anonymous(Alyssa )
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
My husband in the game kept divorcing me
Mia 29days ago
I got to the club part but in order to unlock the club I have to be level 23 and I am level 16 now... what should i do?
<< Anonymous(Mia)
Winnie 28days ago Reply
You don't need to unlock club. Click on your sim and start "a night to barely remember" event
<< Anonymous(Winnie)
Ayf 20days ago Reply
When I click on my sim it doesn’t say it, it only suggest the next love chapter thing. I can’t unlock the club either because of my level??
<< Anonymous(Ayf)
Lyk 18days ago Reply
Ayf,you first need to finish the said chapter before unlocking "A Night to Barely Remember".
This quest cheated me. Yesterday I completed an event with my sims partner in order to keep the progress for this quest. After closing the game and coming back the event between my sim and her partner was never finished, and some progress on the quest had back tracked.
<< Anonymous
Neil Reply
Same happened to me yesterday. It was so frustrating...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same here
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thats happened to me before and I restarted my phone. When I logged back on it was where it was supposed to be.
I am all the way to the honeymoon woohoo but when I click on the bed it says its locked...? I dont know what to do can someone please help? Thanks
<< Anonymous(Simplayermom)
Simplayermom Reply
See this is what it says
<< Anonymous(Simplayermom)
SimmermaN Reply
remove the bassinet beside the bed. you should have enough space on both side.
Anonymous 8days ago
I’m on part 15 and it won’t let me do the honey moon with the sleepy time bed
<< Anonymous
SimmermaN 4days ago Reply
are you using the right object? there's a bed for single and bed for two Sims.
<< Anonymous
Ano 4days ago Reply
Me too.. I have same trouble on part 15 even i have bought the double bed any solves?
Chloe 29days ago
On how to overcome cold feet how do you do that
<< Anonymous(Chloe)
ILoveSims7 27days ago Reply
You just have to click on your partner then click on Over Come Cold Feet.
<< Anonymous(Chloe)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
You click on a friend and click overcome cold feet. You have to do this three times.
I've finished the quest and got the honeymoon suite but now i can't make my other sim get married. The wedding arch only says "Imagine Big Day" and when I tap my sim's partner there's no option of getting married, it only shows the next chapter of their story and other flirty options. pls help me :(
<< Anonymous(zia)
zia Reply

pls help me :(
<< Anonymous(zia)
SimmermaN Reply
So you have two married Sim and you want one of them to marry another Sim? is that what you are trying to do?
It says it’s limited time. Will I still get the honeymoon suite as a reward if I don’t make it in time?
<< Anonymous(Ali)
zia Reply
I believe you can't
ShevShev 22days ago
I completed the whole task for the honeymoon collection and i can't get the furniture. Why is tht happening???
<< Anonymous(ShevShev)
Chiclit 18days ago Reply
Same! Had the wedding,it says she's my wife. Honeymoon Woohoo wasn't an option and I can't unlock any of the honeymoon furniture!
Anonymous 13days ago
There was no option for me to tap the Culinary Event and i don't know what to do
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Finish the latest event first. Thats what i did (it was a “next story chapter” in mine)

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