Can I change room size?

I added a room for a quest and it's too small. If I can't resize it, i guess it will have to be a closet. Yuck.


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20days ago
To change the room size, go to the bottom right corner of your screen and press the home customization button. Then go to the “build it” category (where you can fix the house) and press “rooms”. After that comes up, you can resize the rooms by dragging their edges. Hope this helps!
P.S. Some of your stuff may be stored if you cut it out of your room.
Hell no day always be lying
Hell no day always be lying
You have to go to the rooms section and use the arrows to make it bigger. The rooms section hasn’t the hammer and triangle thing
You can change room size in the 'build it' section, then click rooms... then you click the rotate button to select the room, then you can drag the walls to make it bigger

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