Is it possible to delete/kill/move out a Sim? Or am I stuck with them until they retire?

Removing a Sim?

6days ago


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5days ago
There's a gunshop that unlocks at level 32 that allows you to ask the sim to leave if it refuses to do so, buy a gun and shoot him or her. Problem solved
6days ago
If it is your own sim then I’m pretty sure you can
6days ago
Is it your own sim?

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Its about sim ticket

Can i use it to buy new sim?
6days ago

Trait unlock

How do I unlock a new trait, it's like an xp bar but how to I raise it ?
6days ago

How do you unlock the sleepy time double

I can not do it please answer
6days ago

Culinary Career pls help

I cant access the culinary career in my second sim. When i click the pink briefcase it says &ldqu...
6days ago

Does your energy refill on its own?

& if so, how often?
6days ago

Player icons

The Sims your are talking to if the have and diamond on top of the sim are the player not compute...
6days ago

Can I change room size?

I added a room for a quest and it's too small. If I can't resize it, i guess it will ha...
6days ago

Can I marry a Facebook friend's sim?

I know I can marry a stranger sim but can I get to create a relationship with sims of my Facebook...
6days ago


My sim, ( Amanda Bluestone ) encountered a sim walking by and I decided they would make a cute ...
6days ago

Restaurant career

If I tap on the bag icon it says “choose later”, but I want to start a career. What a...
6days ago


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What do u use sim tickets for? What’s the point of them?
How do I complete the improve your lifestyle task on my daily to do ?
How do u change the wall colour of the workplace??
Energy 15
OK, why is it that I have 2 sims in one house and if one single uses the shower, bed, or toilet t...
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