Is it possible to delete/kill/move out a Sim? Or am I stuck with them until they retire?

Removing a Sim?


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1days ago
7days ago
I think it is cause there was this weird glitch that when you press the hightchsir it shows you every single towny one of them was the grim reaper so it must be possible
14days ago
I was forced to make a roommate and I sbsoloutly hate her and I want to get rid of her I just want it to be me not her
19days ago
I want to kill a sim that I made but I can't find any way to do so help??
21days ago
Pretty much
OMG helppppppp I need to kill my baby's daddy in the Sims!!!! Howww
I married another sim that is like, actually someone else’s sim, and it turns out I literally hate them and would like to murder the aim so that I don’t have to see them anymore but I don’t think murder is possible in sims:( I know robbery is and other illegal stuff but like, u can’t kill
I have two retired sims so know I play as there kids how do I kill the elders
To move out a sim. You press the picture off you and your others and click on your sim and press move out
Two of my sims are retired but I don't know how to move them out. Help please?

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Its about sim ticket

Can i use it to buy new sim?

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I can not do it please answer

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My sim, ( Amanda Bluestone ) encountered a sim walking by and I decided they would make a cute ...

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If I tap on the bag icon it says “choose later”, but I want to start a career. What a...


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*spellcheck opps live alone not love alone. But basically accurate because these surprising choic...
If your Sims have to do another romantic event together then they're gonna have to do that f...
Que es ampli de llamazoon
Wait for 24 hrs, tap on the crib again, and select conceive a plan.
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