where is the Changing Table?

I may have missed the time to complete baby quest, it said I have to tap on the Changing Table to activate the quest, but I cannot find the table. Can anyone tell me where is it?


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Go to home collections and go to baby steps and you'll find a changing table
I Know your sim has to click the changing table and watch a video
Same I am not done with the quest
Umm it want let me do the quest but I did do the changing tabel
help l got the changeing table but it wont let me complet the qust
I hope my advice can help you complete the baby quest
sims I'm sorry auto correct changed it to some
If you don't complete the baby quest the first time, sadly you have to reinstall the game, you can only get one changing table. Some advise for completing is, do it with some you created, and save your cupcakes.

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You can get rid of the party bye clearing your plot
So I have a question, I know this is late but if you do interact with your baby (A decent amount ...
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