How to have a baby!

My sims are married but seem to be friendship level 10 rather than romantic? I want to have a baby using the bassinet but it says they need to be at a romantic level 2. How to I change their story or whatever needs to happen to make this happen? Thanks!


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It wont let me buy a crib apparently i have to do a baby quest thingy someone help
I don't know how to have a baby!!! Someone help lol
How to get a crib
How do I get the bassinet? It says I have to finish the baby crazy quest first but I can’t. Help me please
Go to flirty
You need to go to the button that says flirty and flitlrtba bit
Buy a crib and choose a baby there
You just need to do some flirty interactions.

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I can't start the second day. What can I do?
my sims are married (and had kids) but no honeymoon. HELP!
YOU CANT WOHOO WITH THE SAME SEX WHATTT. so I married my bff in game as a joke and was gonna laug...
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