Cant woohio

I already bought sleepytime double but still cant Woohoo i have max relationship with soulmate in beginning... And already married when i tap to bed sleepytime double there was "Woohoo with..." But cant click it because below there was "sleepytime double is blocked" please help me


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Go into the furniture icon. Go to the little chair icon when you get there go to bedroom. You have to have the Stäncké Futon. The Sleepytime double unlocks Woohoo but this bed ALLOWS Woohoo
For some reason....I also had this problem. I moved my bed away from the wall and didn’t have anything near it. The only thing it unlocked was “relax with”. The WooHoo STILL will not let me do it
It has to be accessible on both sides so it can't touch the wall
Bed can't be in corner, blocked by wall, or blocked by nightstand. The characters need access to both sides of the bed.
It has to be accessible from both sides (green feet)
it is because the bed can't be against to the wall.
Same bed and problem for me

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I can't start the second day. What can I do?
my sims are married (and had kids) but no honeymoon. HELP!
YOU CANT WOHOO WITH THE SAME SEX WHATTT. so I married my bff in game as a joke and was gonna laug...
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