4th playable sims

How to unlock the 4th playable sims.. ?? Level 17 and still locked.. It keeps saying "add 3 playable sims to unlocked".. But i have 4 adult.. 3 playable.. And 1 can't cause still locked


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515$. Thats the cost for fourth player (but only availible after buying the 3rd for 175$)
Dose anyone knows how much the fourth playable sim cost?
You have to buy the 4 playable slot with simcash
Assuming the 4th adult is one that you've married from your Sims neighborhood and not one you created? Check to see what your family picture frame says for each individual Sim. Mine showed options to have them move in and become playable. Not sure if this is exactly what's happening with you though without seeing your game. :(

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Help please!!! How do you see if aliens exist using a bed???
how do you start to read the story after it shows you all the items to earn???
I just leave them on long quests overnight and when I'm out and it works
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