Everything inside is wrong color?

It’s making me crazy that all the decorations and furniture and whatnot are a different color inside the house than they are outside. My white chair is only white if it’s outside?? Any way to get around this?


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I think it may be depending on the light, I think they have tried to add that feature. Being outside would have full sunlight, where inside would be warmer shades, appearing tan.
I know how to change the colors. My issue is that the “white” objects are only white when they’re outside, and tan when they’re inside.
Tap & Hold on any object or walls and etc. and you can change its colors
I hate that all the white and gray colors are tan inside. Also, why is my hot tub water bright pink?
I guess its pretty normal. I put my Satisfactory Sitter (Accent Chair) outside my house and its bright white but when I put it inside, its darker than the usual. The hue of an item you placed outside the house changes when you put them inside.

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