How long does it take before I can age the toddlers


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You have to complete the event and socialise lots
To age my baby it to 3 hours. One of my sims had their toddler turn into a child... but I can’t find a pattern
u helped me a lot
About a 1-4 days, depending on how much you “socialize” with the baby.
So I already did the event for the newborn baby so how long does it take for the birthday icon to show up?
When I had my first baby it took a day and then when I aged it to a toddler it took 2 days
So I noticed that aging a baby to a toddler varies. My first baby turned into a toddler in a day and my second took four days. Now I’m waiting to see when my first baby can age into a child.

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You have to get another option for a new trait and then press the retire button that will pop up ...
Same!! I keep attending parties and can't get one more sim ticket to have a baby this is inf...
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