How long does it take before I can age the toddlers


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13hour ago
It has been 5 days and my baby hasn’t aged into a toddler
11days ago
It took my toddler like ... a day and a half? That was only because I LOVED the game and played it constantly. I also played with the toddler constantly, so I agree with everyone else on the website - the more you play with them, the more they grow. Of course, this isn’t the only factor that contributes to the toddlers aging up, but it can help!
It took my toddler 2 days to age into a child. I think the more u play with them and give them attention the faster they will age up. This is because my sister bearly played the game for the time she had the toddler and it took about 3 weeks to age up. But with me I play it all the time and do as much as I can with them so mine aged up in 2 days, I defenantly think that’s what helped and also doing the quests that pop up above there heads helps a lot. I think this is the most reasonable answer to be honest.
It's been about a 1.5 weeks scene I have grown my baby into a toddler and there was no birthday symbol above it's head. I'm going to assume that the more you play the game and interact with the child, he or she will grow faster.
It's been a week and my toddler still hasn't aged up
Mines taking soooooo long
Time to age up your sim it took me 2 weeks
It is a random time when they age up mine took a day for my toddler to turn into a child
It has been like.. Two weeks maybe more since I aged my baby to a toddler... I have a slot open for the toddler to age to a child but it still isn't aging. Help please!?
i just had a baby but didn’t grab the quest reward before that. My game registers my kids name, but the quest of having a kid is still up. Is there something i can do or am i screwed? No option to age baby.

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