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Hi. I just want to ask if my two owned sims can be married to each other? I often see married sims with another players.
Sorry if you find this question as a dumb question. #newbie


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Your two sims that you created can marry each other
Yes. It is possible
I had two sims( they’re retired now ) and they married each other so yes it is possible
How can I tell is another players sim is already married?
You have to start with some flirty events
You can marry you’re own sim. It is easy and do it just like how you would marry a sim that you did not make. I personally like marrying my own sim and not the other ones because in quests I can use 2 times the amount of energy!
Yes they definitely can and it’s better than having them married to other players’ sims. If they have a child together then they can both help raise the kids not just one parent doing everything.
they can, there relationship has to be level 7 and your level as well. an event will show up saying "propose" and then (i think if i remember) "wedding" (or something like that)

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