When you ask another player sim to move in do they lose that sim.

And favorting a sim do they show up in your game


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Yes. You loose control of them.
Soulution- You can make another sim fall in love with another.
Try it- Select the sim and tell it to go outside. Find a random person and be flirty. Keep doing it until you decide you want to be with them. Start the love quest with them, get married, and have kids.
Why can't I control my partner sims, if they are moved in
How to move out a non playing husband that moved in
That guy is right.Can't lose your sim.That sim automatic,you got a sim as a reward.
Get Player Sim as a reward
How do yo7 ask the s8m to move in
my sim gor m arried and i want my husband to move in but when i click it it says "no more rooms in this house hold" but i already 2 bed rooms
Its should just be that sim you can control aen a part of the family
No. Other players do not lose said sim, your device just makes a copy of that sim.

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When you ask another player sim to move in do they lose that sim.

And does favoriting them have them walk in your game

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You have to get another option for a new trait and then press the retire button that will pop up ...
Same!! I keep attending parties and can't get one more sim ticket to have a baby this is inf...
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