How to Max Sim’s Traits/Retire?

I read somewhere else on the internet that in order for you to retire, you had to have all your traits chosen and maxed out. I’m at level 16 so I’ve already reached the level where retirement is available, I’m just not sure how to achieve it because I’m not sure how to max/improve my traits?


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You have to have all 4 traits then play with your sims for a while to speed it up just keep doing events with that one spicific sim
How do I max out all the traits tho
How many traits is there to max out to retire
To get a second trait you need to play w/ your sim for a while
You need to max out your traits mad play with that sim for a while
I don’t know I’m on level 18 but haven’t been able to retire my sims
I want to retire my sim, I’m level 16 and have maxed out my traits. But it won’t let me
You are able to retire after you get your last trait
Once you have all four traits you can retire. The option won’t come up immediately though
They’ll be ready randomly after you max them and other things ppl said

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