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I cannot do everything in hot tub now says I need a illuminating wall and patio table. Didn’t need it before.. How do I get those when I already completed the hot tub event months ago.
How do you prevent getting old and passing for free I mean won’t you lose a perfectly good sim that is sad
These costs are very off and misleading. As owners and development of Sims mobile, having accuracy is greatly appreciated. This kind of stunt makes me less likely willing to pay to play.
Same. I bought the mobile and it does nothing.
How do you get back home after your done working
Thanks for the suggestion Clare. Hopefully EA fulfill your wishes.
Why can you get a coffee table in the cafe but not a couch?
They cost up to 275 simcash.
Is there a way to move the pictures up and down on the wall? I see the arrows, but it only allows me to rotate them.
What I can see here in my end now is you can still at least 2 days to redeem the rewards. Just purchase clothes to hit the milestone for the heirlooms.
Me too.. i can't unlock fashion studio
After the last update, land expansions are not available when theyre supposed to be. Look, I understand problems will occasionally occur in software, but not having a direct way to report these problems when they do is so irritating. Obviously you can tell this is not my first issue. Ive tried emailing EA. All you get is an auto generated response with a link to FAQ and a requirement to open an EA account if FAQ doesnt help. I finally opened an EA account today, tried to post this issue and seriously I cant figure how to post it after ive typed it. Why the hell do I need to open an EA account?? Youre a big enough company where having a dedicated support team who can respond via email to bugs and other issues doesnt seem very outlandish to me. I uninstalled SimCity Build It for this exact reason. Sims Mobile is close to suffering the same fate. This is stupid.
It's been like that since the game launched. They're not going to fix it. It's EA, they're more concerned about making the game harder to force payment than fix anything.
Seems like once you max out each career you can make 450 simoleans with the long shift, same with maxing our hobbies
I'm having the same problem with the same item. I waited for the sim to move I tried moving the item around and nothing works
I need bunk beds for sims mobile
I don't get it, my sims have been together for a while and have been engaged since early on but I'm at level 19 with a level 10 relationship and still nothing. (btw I can't seem to get further than level 10 is that normal?)
Cant too :(( Already a Barista, level 5..
How come I don’t have these in my game for iOS?
Me too, I’ve completed three chapters and it won’t count them
Where are you supposed to place the sage outer corner cabinet I'm struggling to find a spot for it
Objects 11
You can use the bathroom mirror
Help! I already finished the story but I still haven't gotten the gourmet kitchen island
WHY would they delete it and change it to Izzy's shop? :((( I want that youth potion
I try to give the stickers on the to do list but keep getting an error code 400. Ugh!
Hi! I started off my sims in a friendly relationship, and now their fiancés at level ten, I want them to get married but I dont know how :/
I cant aligne the cabinet and im so frustrated
I can't even download it, it tells me that my phone is not compatible for it
It has to be on a normal counter. Not to be confused with an end counter or a corner counter. Did that fix it?
Same problem here. I cant pass on to this 1st stage of the quest. I did everything for being friendly.please help
Hi <wildflower>! You can't see this anymore since this was part of the initial version of the game. Check the note at the top of this page. :)
Hi, are you referring to those boxes when you first open the studio or the one located in the corner? If you are referring to the first one, those are just empty boxes. You can keep it in your storage for less clutter.
Hi, Tiffany562411! We're sorry if we didn't meet your expectation. This guide may not be helpful as of now since life goals and daily wishes are no longer part of the game. We'll update it soon. Thanks for your feedback! :)
"You will get compensated for in-game purchase to guarantee quality content. " it will be a lot!!!
Hi, I also sent my application to your email. But I think its better to write it here as well. I am 27 years old and residing in Zamboanga City Philippines, I have been playing The Sims since way back since 2000 with the first game and have loved the series and multiple expansions. I can give or take as many hours needed to complete the assignment but a maximum of 8 hours is the most I can give everyday. I recently started a youtube channel named Chippichawa and a facebook page dedicated for gaming: I would love to contribute to the wiki, do review or let's play videos and other related content for the task. I did attach my resume in the email for as additional reference. Thanks


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